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Default Re: Online Bow Party.... Help

Originally Posted by rufflesandribbon View Post
I have a template that I bought & had it uploaded to WAHM shoppes. I am so not HTML or web site literate - can I just transfer my template to a different site? Mine is currently at: But I haven't updated in forever - like a year or more.
Was the template you got in code?? If so, you should be able to. But not 100% sure. There is an option when you are looking through templates that has a blank one and it says "custom". You might could enter it there. Not real sure. I am sorry I am not much help.

What you could do since it is free is maybe try it and see if it works before you switch anything over. I do know that you can transfer any domain that you have. But just try it and if you don't like it, you can always cancel it. It's free so you aren't really losing anything. LOL

I also thought about the site I used before I got my website started. It is nothing but an online store. That might be a way to go as well. I thought it was a little too plain for me. But some on here like it and use it. So, I guess it depends on your needs and what you like. Sorry. HTH.
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