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Default Re: Online Bow Party.... Help

On the order under payment details you'll see the discount code that was used and can match it up that way. I set the code to expire on a certain date so it can't be used again. I also use the first & last initials of the hostess and the percentage off as the code (i.e. CT10). That way I can know who's is who's order.

It's super easy. They just shop on my site and have 7 days to shop.

Originally Posted by NovemberMommy View Post
I use Mals e-cart as well. So your hostess code is just the discount code that you use?? I use a free webs site right now. So they just shop on your site and they have a certain time frame to do it? That sounds super easy! When you get the orders sent to you does it have the hostess code on there somewhere so you don't get the online party orders mixed up with other orders?? Just wondering. I have a couple of people intersted in this. Thanks so much.
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