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Default Re: template and sewing question

I've done both, sew centers and just wrap and tie. I find wrapping and tying is much faster, but you have to be careful when you tie so the creases are even and neat. I use a heavy duty thread that I got at Joann's in the fabric section. It is a huge spool and I don't remember the type, but it is strong! I wrap on the template, slide off and form twisted bows, I clip with a sally clip, wrap around twice with the thread, and as I begin to tie off, I do it SLOWLY so that it gathers more evenly in the center. Once it is tight, I pull SUPER TIGHT and knot off. Haven't had any problems with my bows. I do sew my spikes and surround loops though, and then sew them all together when assembling stacked bows. When I get a moment, I will take a pic so you can see my centers.
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