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Default Re: Question about hair bows..please help!!

When I started, I bought the No Bow No Go (NBNG) system. (DVD and wooden bow maker...I love it for all types of bows, except twisted I still prefer to do by hand.) While I do not regret it because it gave a lot of tips, tricks, ideas, and gave it all to me right there and I didn't have to spend hours hunting it down, you can still find most everything out there for free. There is SO MUCH info out there, it was very beneficial to me to buy templates and start with that and then branch out and try little things here and there that I found for free. There are alot of women who pride themselves on never buying templates and others who enjoy self teaching themselves. I'm not that patient. Plus, the money I spent on the instructions have already paid for themselves through, not only the bows I've sold, but also the materials that I would have wasted through trial and error. (Though there was still a lot of trial and error, but not as much as there would have been!) For example, I knew that all the info was out there for free when I was asked to make a tutu for one of my coworkers. I was a little too lazy to hunt everything down so I bought some basic instructions for 6 dollars that had everything I need to do several different types of tutus. I sold that first tut for 20 dollars, thus paying for the instructions and still making money. Lol....can you tell I'm a little bit of an advocate for instructions...but mainly because I'm impatient and worried of messing stuff up!
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