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Default Re: Question about center of clip

What I do is first glue the unfinished bow to a lined clip. Then I take my 3/8 ribbon and glue one side underneath the clip. Next, I wrap it around the bow and try to gauge where it will end and then I cut and heat seal it. Finally, I add a dot of glue on the clip and bring the finished ribbon around pressing down in a rocking motion. I find that the rocking motion helps to spread the glue to the end of the ribbon so there are no unglued flaps on the edges.

If I am using a knotted center: first, glue unfinished bow to lined clip. Then I glue knotted center to the top of the bow. Then measure, cut, and heat seal the ends as above before gluing.

I never burn myself with this method and it always comes out neat and clean (no excess glue).

If you want pics, I'd be happy to make a mini tut of this process. Jlmk.

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