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Default Camera Opinions - Looking to Upgrade

Hey Ladies,

I'm looking into upgrading my camera & I'd love to hear some opinions. Right now I have a Nikon D60. I'd prefer to stick with Nikon because I already have a couple lenses & I'd rather have more money to spend on a better camera body than replace the whole thing!

I've just barely started to look, so I'm really not leaning in any one way yet. One thing that is ringing in my head is one of the camera guys I talked to right before I bought this one, he said "This camera basically has training wheels on it, which is great for beginners, but you can't take them off." At the time, I was absolutely certain I would NEVER need to upgrade. Now I'm finding that I have training wheels & I'm desperately wanting to ride a big girl bike!

TIA for any advice!

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