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Default Re: UGH!! Stacked Bows!

Originally Posted by tashanwrn View Post
The problem I am having is when I put all my layers together it kinda smashes into like a V, so much that you can barely see my top bow!!! They look good from the side, but when you look on top, my top bow kinda looks like it has been sucked down into all the layers!!! Does anyone know what I am talking about???
I understand and have had a similar issue. Starching/baking helps because then the bottom bow doesn't fold in on your other layers. You could try a basic boutique bow on the bottom instead of a twisted bow, they lay a little flatter. Also, this tends to happen to me when I don't have my layers sized quite right, too big on the bottom and too small on top. Use some ribbon you don't love and just practice a bunch, everybody ends up with their own working technique.
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