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Default Re: Skinny headbands

Originally Posted by sweetapplekid View Post
The headbands you made out the elastic look great! Did you have to stitch the elastic together or glue? I'm interested too!!!
Sorry, forgot to answer your question! I stitched those, but glue would probably work just as well. I glued the flower on and then cut a small circle of felt out to glue to the flower with the headband underneath it. I've been searching for flowers but no luck yet. It looks like only about 1".

As for the light pink elastic that I was talking about from the sample, she just dyed that with RIT or kool-aid! So, that might be an option because we could possibly do certain colors, but it would also give the option of ordering white and dying yourself if you wanted a different specific color. I'm thinking I may like those better because they were softer. I'm going to get a sample of that too.
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