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Default Re: You gals are gonna love this one!

Etsy scares me!!! I have a FEW things in an Esty shop but there is so much competition for 1/4 or 1/2 of your price it is ridicoulas! Go to a Boutique anywhere around your home and see things priced a few bucks higher then yours sometimes even $10.00 higher ...happens everyday.
I try to hit the middle with my pricing. I sell my tutus for around $25-30 for size up to 4t, I have seen them in shops in my area for $45.00 for an INFANT size only!!! and on Etsy for $12 for a teen size...So I think $25-30 is fair.

Back to the point of this

If you can get more money out of your product the better, Some places a certain clientel will pay more for things because they are uneducated....who in their right mind would pay $8.00 for a clip like that OMG!! None of us....but someone who does not know any better does DAILY.Boutiqes charge you 20-50% to sell your stuff so you have to upcharge it to make even close to what you want.My regular price then the Boutique takes 40%....I would rather stare at it in my Bow Room for 6 months until someone wants it!!!

Oh SORRY but.....1 last thing EVERYONE needs a lile help sometimes this business is very overwhelming... am sure EVERYONE as had their husand, boyfriend, mother, daughter, etc lining clips or something to help at a time or 2
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