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From the photographers point it could be that if it's a paying client and they aren't into bows and such they may not be able to get images with the products. That's why i only say my girls and not others when i do product trade b/c if they are paying for a session i have to give the customer what they want verses putting the products on. No excuse not to let you know what's going on but it could be that and not just out right not doing the trade. -- oh and not to mention that some people don't want their kids modeling so you always have to try and get them to sign a release and let the parent know what site and stuff

I know i used a flower hat with a customer and i definitely sent the new image to the person i did the exchange with but it wasn't promised to her it was just an extra picture of her product.

But that does stink that they aren't keeping you in the loop. And "WooHoo" =) that you finally did get some images!
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