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Default Re: Woodburner frustration - how to cut/seal ribbon?

Originally Posted by staciem View Post
I did a search and read through all the old threads about woodburners, including the tutorial one, but the pictures aren't showing up, so it wasn't too much of a help...

I just bought a woodburner earlier this week, and I broke it out yesterday to try for the first time. I placed my ribbon on a cookie sheet, laid my metal ruler down over the ribbon where I wanted to "cut" it, and then ran the tip of my woodburner slowly over the ribbon. I used the tip that looks like an exacto knife. I can't tell you how much ribbon I wasted trying to get it to work. Half of the time it didn't cut through the ribbon all the way, and when it did, it didn't seem to seal the ribbon in an even, clean line. Am I missing a step? Using the wrong tip? There's another angle tip that came with the tool, it's not an exacto knife edge, but it is angled. Should I try that?

Help and advice greatly appreciated!

Do you know what temp your tool heats up to? I had one that heated up to like 600 and would always leave my ribbon brown and discolored and I could not cut well with it. I then got one that heated up to over 900. It seals and cuts perfectly. I love it!
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