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Default Re: You gals are gonna love this one!

Originally Posted by Charlismommy View Post
I have been doing this for nearly 4 years. I had an etsy store ever so briefly. I do not have a website either and I have been approached (sp?) by boutiques BUT... I do a few shows...I'm telling you word of mouth is the everything it will make you or break you. You have to put yourself out there. The reason I won't put my stuff in a store is because I would have to charge what the store did per the agreement. I will not charge somebody $12.00 for a bow that I have $1.75 in cost and 20 minutes time to make. My personal business approach is if I am not willing to pay it to put in on my child I will not ask my clients to pay it for their kids but that is me.
Now the chick who is selling her clips for $8.00 I say go girl if you can get people to buy them more power to you. Be honest though as far as weaving the ribbon etc cause you know what they say about karma...
I completely agree with you about word of mouth and pricing. My family is always telling me to up my prices, I will eventually, but I want/need more people to buy it, love, and then tell others. I don't feel right charging more than I would pay either, but that's just me.

But regarding the original post (and the point of the thread), I don't agree at all with not being honest about your product. I can't sell the crochet hats around here because I have ALOT of contacts/clients who are great crocheters (is that a word). They would never buy a mass produced item and I would never lie and say that I made them.
Bobbi W. in Canada
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