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Wow that is pretty low. I'm really sorry that some of you have gotten burned by photogs not holding up their end of the deal. It really bites that people like that give photogs like myself some what of a bad name. Now you girls are super leery of who you work with and rightfully so. On that note I am a photog and I've offered my services to another member here and I hope to do some business with her. I want to extend that offer to anyone here. I won't take on more then I can handle and I have a 2 week turn around time for photos once the shoot has been done. I know it might sound silly but I have a 250 ebay rating since 2006 all positive. If I sign up and say I'm going to do something, I do it. So with that said if anyone needs some help, you seriously will not get burned by me and I understand if your leery(I would be too). Just pm me or send me an email, [email protected]. Just thought I would put this out there.
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