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Default Re: Should I be starching my fabric flowers?

Originally Posted by myztic View Post
if i stitch it tight it makes the circle smaller... but hmm.. i am using 8 petals per flower.. is that too many?
I have 7 petals in mine. Also, I do not stitch them around the edge. I fold the circle in half and in half again. Then I fold it in half again to make a small triangle. After that I fold each side to the edge(the middle of that fold). If you look at the cut edge you should see an M. Then I clip with a double prong clip near the cut edge. I thread through the center of the clip. So the needle goes through near the cut edge. After 7 pedals have been threaded, I pull it tight and tie with the starting thread. I hope this makes sense. I do not know how to do a tutorial. Sorry.
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