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Originally Posted by mama-j View Post
Why are they dishonest like that? When I put the ad these 3 ladies told me how they can get the pictures done fast, that they have newborn sessions coming up and bla bla bla..Ughhhh!
I wish I knew. The first one was an amatuer who has done some work for friends and I thought would work out good. When I never received any photos, I pursued a professional photographer who I met a a craft show. The person actually came to my booth and introduced himself, wanting to trade services. I thought Great!, after my last try, I was willing to try most anything. I only have a 3 yo nephew in my family. No babies, no little girls, so I depend on a photographer for something. I traded a large amount of my product and received nothing. The crappy part? I just saw he put an advertising display in the local mall, and there are photos with MY STUFF in his display!
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