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Default Re: Should I be starching my fabric flowers?

Originally Posted by myztic View Post
hey does anyone have a tutorial on this? cuz my fabric flowers that i made on friday are fun to make but erm... it can look a tiny bit better.. i cut in circles and slice that in half (which i learned form a tutorial).. the part that i find hard though is after i stitch it im not sure how to tuck in the ends (u know the part that you handsew and gather) so it looks weird and i dont make a button big enough to cover the unsewn middle...

i didnt know that there is a fabric flower with points?
I have not used an online tutorial (learned from a book) and I cut mine from squares so I think they are a different design from what you are making, but the concept is similar. For mine, after I fold each petal and before I sew them all together- I cut off the excess points at the bottom of each petal. This leaves the bottoms of the petals all level and I sew right through just above the now flat bottom edge... leaving a tiny open hole in the middle to cover with a button/etc.

Hopefully someone else can direct you to a tutorial, I know I have seen quite a few posted around the site, but I don't have any links. You could try searching this site or look a few pages back in this "How to" forum for threads about making fabric flowers.

I hope that helps!

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