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Default Re: Do you think this will work?

Originally Posted by tinytutus View Post
wow! ^^^^ that is an AWESOME set and for $20 is super cheap!!
Thanks-I thought it was an awesome deal, but no takers-I did this as a special when I first opened my etsy-maybe it's not as great as I thought

Originally Posted by sweetapplekid View Post
One more Q. Do you think that a 3/8inch headband will be thick enough to support faux flowers (small to medium) and bows or do you think I need to use a large width?
I think 3/8 would support it-I use 1/2 inch headbands mostly (some are an inch) and they will hold BIG bows and flowers no problem. I would do like the other poster suggested and glue the underside for stability.

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