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Default Re: Do you think this will work?

Originally Posted by hypatia23 View Post
Sounds like the woven headbands, only you're going to do a solid color. I've got an example in my etsy-with bow or korker for school color sets~is that what you mean?
If so the woven headbands are a best seller for me locally-I do a headband and interchangeable bow. Good luck!
Wow! Beautiful headband!!! It is woven, right? Ha ha, I knew that this revelation to me would not be a revelation to anyone else

I wanted to make just a regular ribbon wrapped headband (I was going to wrap a 3/8 headband w/ 3/8 ribbon - Just wraping around and around? I guess instead of a woven like yours. How can I make it interchangeable?
-Add a seperate loop at the side like interch. foe
Do I just wrap it w/ a 7/8 GG ribbon and leave a side section unglued to make it interchangeable?

Thank you SO much for posting help!!!
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