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Default Do you think this will work?

Okay ladies I need some input. I just got an idea this morning and want to see what u all think.

I am trying to create products that are all interchangeable and advertise as create your own look. I L-O-V-E the skinny plastic 3/8" headbands w/ fabric flowers, bows, etc. and want to make them interchangeable too (this might not be a new idea, IDK)

Can I...
Wrap the headband w/ 3/8" GG riboon and then on the side take 7/8" or 1" GG ribbon and add a loop like we doe on the interchangeable nylon and FOE. That way people can clip on a faux flower, fabric flower or bow.

Any advice is greatly appreciate before I go out and buy these headbands to give it a go.
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