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Default AHH twisted bow... and stacked bow question

So i tried making a twisted boutique bow since i got my NBNG template... I did a pretty nice job on a pinwheel(in my beginners opinion)... so then i got gutsy and tried twisted boutique... ah.. not pretty.. will i ever be able to learn how to make one? i sat for 2 hours trying to do it .. it looks fine until i try to sew it.. im not good at sewing im not even sure how to knot it..i dont have upholstery thread so im using normal thread but it really isn't working out
then i decided to be more gutsy and tried making the loops for a stacked bow... but my loops wont stay up its pretty but its laying flat.. not twirling on top of my twisted...

i know i need to practice the twisted boutique bow first before trying a stacked bow.. but... i was eager hehe

would love advice
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