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Originally Posted by sperlingd View Post
How Rude! Bad Stores! at least they don't customize or add those extra little touches that make things special, and the quality will never be as good as what we make, yes there are those that go for price over quality but there are alot of people like me who feel that the way things are these days my money only goes to quality products that are gonna be around for along time

thats how I feel... one of my newest customers was yelling at me as she has spent about $100 on bows from walmart and other places for her granddaughter and was like "I would have rather paid you double since the quality is so much better" for me thats great, but many people are that way these days.. cheaper isnt always better and there is no telling what kind of factory it was made in, but at least we do everything possible to make our products safe for children and most of all.. With love!!
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