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Default Re: when lining with tape

Originally Posted by EmileeDesigns View Post
I always cut my ribbon long enough to line 4-5 clips, then put my tape on... Then cut the ribbon the length I need per clip.. then line them. If I only need one clip fast I still do it that way and I just save the ribbon w/ the tape until I'm ready. It saves time IMO.. But I also like to line clips.
Is it a stress release for anyone else or am I just crazy?
I like to line clips too but I guess I was making it more work than it should be. I was cutting and sealing a bunch of ribbon in 4.5" pieces then adding my tape. Then when I was watching TV or when I had some time or whatever I would just grab my ribbon and my clips and start linning them. I found a couple times when my ribbon was a little longer than I wanted it and I had to trim it and reseal it that it kind of melted the tape and didn't look quite as nice as when I sealed the ribbon before adding the tape. Any tips to sealing once the tape is added?

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