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Default Confused!

So I had an order placed by a boutique I am working with now and she requested that the clippies that I use are lined with velvet so that they stick in the hair better and that they are softer for the little bitty babies.

No problem.....right? Wrong! I went to both Joann's Fabric and Michael's today searching for velvet ribbon. I found 1/4" and 5/8". I bought both because at the time I didn't know what would look best. Well when I got home I saw a big problem.

The 1/4" doesn't cover the entire clippie. It covers the smaller part at the bottom but at the top where it's biggest it doesn't cover it. The 5/8" is just all around big. It makes the clippie look really big and weird.

So my question is what size velvet ribbon do you ladies line your clippies with?

Do you find it works better to line them completely with the velvet or just line them with regular ribbon and then put the velvet between the two clips where the hair will be?

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