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Default V cuts with a woodburner!

hi i know i just posted about using a woodburner or a hotknife to make vcuts for cheerleading bows but...

i just went out and bought a woodburner to try and do the v lost i need help!

i used this tip to make my vcuts:

is this the wrong tip?
i cant get it to work right!
i am cutting like 3 to 4 layers of fabric that a layer together and its turning the edges black!

i tried cutting it with scissors first then sealing the adge but my cuts are not turning out straight becasue i am using a 3" ribbon aand folding it in half! can you pleas help! or give any tips you have! i know im young and have no idea what i am talking about, but any help would be great!

here is a picture of one of my bows to help you get an idea of what i am talking about...the tails were cut and then sewn but i want to start sealing them!
thanks in advance!
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