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Default Re: Wood Burner? What do you use??

I was using one of the fire stick lighters and going through them like crazy, plus they didn't always start for me either. I also bought a woodburning tool at Walmart for $10. It works pretty neat if you ask me. It may take a little practice to get clean cuts. You need to cut the ribbon rather quickly, or it will melt it and make it all gloppy. The smell is a bit strong.

Cutting with a woodburning tool does indeed seal it at the same time. I absolutely love that. No need to cut and then seal..yay!

I'm just waiting for the day when I burn my finger or hand off...I'm such a klutz, I just know it will happen. I already just about burned a hole through my Kitchen Aid cord as I was working on my kitchen counter one night with it...yikes!
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