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Question Best glue to keep your bows in one piece?

Ok so I'm really new to bow making and I'm in desperate need of your help.

Here's my problem: My 9 months old has hair that is finally starting to grow out but it's also still very thin. I put a pair of my new, cute little bows in her hair. I got many compliments while we were out. When we got home it was nap time. I layed her in her crib for her nap. When I peeped in to check on her an hour later, she was awake and playing by herself in her crib. To my horror, one of the clips came off while she was sleeping and she had one in her mouth ! The tiny bow was missing! Luckily I found it in her crib. I don't know how to keep those cute, choke hazard, little suckers to stay attached to the clips. The way I attached it to my partially lined clippie was just good ole hot glue. Apparently, it's not enough to withstand baby slobber.

Do I just need to use a different kind of glue? If so, which kind works best? Any advice anyone? I wanna keep using them but not at the risk of hurting my baby.

I'm attaching a photo in case you need a visual... Sorry it's kinda big
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