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Default Re: Critique My Etsy

When taking your pics use natural light as often as you can. So take pics by a window. Or by an OTT light style bulb if you don't have a good sunny window.
I think it's okay to have a patterned background, but a much more muted pattern so that it doesn't take away from your product. Pick a background and use it in all pics, like you've done, to help with branding.
Use all 5 photos if possible and get lots of angles. I like to take a pic of the back of the bow for those who may not know what an alligator clip or a french clip barrette is.
Use all 14 tags, include your shop name as one tag. That way if people search for you on Etsy they don't have to change the search parameters to sellers, your stuff will pop up no matter what.
You can use the plural form of a word in one tag line, i.e. bow and bows, ponytail and ponytails are one tag.
Promote, promote, promote. Get involved in the forums on Etsy, they have tons of advice.

Good luck! Your stuff is great.
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