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Default Re: All the bottle caps I made yesterday are RUINED!!!!

Just a couple suggestions for the et lite. If your basement is a little cooler that can cause some issues with it. I would do it in your living area or put a little space heater down there to warm it up a bit. I mix mine in a little medicine cup & do about 20 ml at a time (total). I pour & then make sure everything is apread out to the edges until my cup is empty. After I am finished with that I go back over them with a lighter for the 1st time. I usually am doing a ton when I do them so I repeat this on the next section of caps & when I go over them with a lighter I do all of them on the sheet. I would say I probably use the lighter 3-4 times over about an hour to an hour and a half. One thing I have learned with et lite is if you do the lighter too soon after you pour you can end up with little micro bubbles coming up several hours after you pour. So you need to make sure you let them sit for a bit before you do the lighter the 1st time.
I have tried all sorts of different resins over the last couple years & can't find one that I like better than et lite. It does take some practice to get it correct & figure out a way that works for you. I still have a couple caps per batch that don't turn out right & I have been doing this for a few years. I would suggest to do some smaller batches the first few times so if you have troubles you don't lose too many caps.
I also like to do mine in the evening & then I can watch them over the next couple hours with no kiddies around to get into them. I put mine in the oven so they are undisturbed when I go to bed. If I am needing to get them finished to send in the am I warm the oven a little & turn it off & put them in before I go to bed. They are cured by morning time. I would not suggest using the oven to cure them until you are very comfortable with getting them finished though as the oven can cause more bubbles if they aren't degassed completely.

Sorry this turned into a novel. Hope it helps!!
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