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Default Re: Offering my photography services!

Originally Posted by littleladybug View Post
so...I go into one of my local shops today...and guess what i see?????????????

Mud Pies and Pigtails all over ))) Small world

I was like, "hey, I know that girl!" well, not really but...
LOL was is Inky Pinky? Im about to send another shipment woo hoo yep small world!

Originally Posted by KorkerMom View Post
Dont tell my DH, but you have given me some MAJOR baby fever! And I only gave birth 9 months ago LOL

Beautiful pictures!! I too wish you were by me (WI), we are in the process of trying to hire a photographer for our daughter's birthday party next month and nothing is grabbing me! I wish I was seeing some photo galleries with pics like that!

Beautiful beautiful work!

aww I get baby fever every session
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