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Default Re: Wood Burner? What do you use??

Just had to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble using lighters. I thought it was just me since I saw everyone else lighting it up with one click and it used to take me sooo many clicks and my finger would start to hurt too. It was so frustrating - I felt like I needed someone else to deal with the lighter for me but I didn't trust them to do the heat-sealing on my bows
I took off the child safety thing and that has made it easier for me. I also only use the Bic ones now since I tried to save money and buy a cheaper brand and it did not work very well!

I also heard everyone talking about the woodburners so I went to walmart and got one for I think $10. You should try it out. I myself just have not gotten used to it and I'm not even sure I was using it correctly. It left an awful burning smell and sometimes smeared the melted parts as I was running it across. I think I am just too used to the lighter now but if I could figure the woodburner out I guess it would be easier. Yes I believe you can cut and seal at the same time with a woodburner, I'm sure someone has more info on that.
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