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Default Re: All the bottle caps I made yesterday are RUINED!!!!

The term "professional" wasnt meant to offend or down anyone elses technique and if it came of that way I apologize. Many people do bottlecaps many different ways. Some people dont resins on the caps and that fine. I was just indicating that I like the use of the ICE resin and the glamorous touch and it may be an option instead of ET.

Also making sure they are completing dry with modge podge or other sealants before adding resins like the other ladies stated is very important. Give it another try....

Originally Posted by mbles View Post
Not sure if this is the correct "professional" way, but I use modge podge to set my image in the inside of the bottlecap and after that has dried I seal it with a spray laquer. So far, no problems, but I will admit I have only been making them for a few months

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