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Default Critique My Etsy

Hey girls, I haven't been on much lately because of work, but I've been busy making some bows. I've never claimed to be the best bow maker so I know I have room to grow in that department. However, the ladies around here just love them, so I think they are "sellable". However, I haven't gotten any bites on my etsy. Granted the bows have only been up a few days, but I just knew that I would have sold at least one. Would some of you mind going to my etsy and looking at it to see where I could improve it? I have looked at many other "bow makers" etsy shops and looked to see what details they added about their products, their shipping policies and such to see how it's done. I'm wondering if I tagged them wrong, priced them too high, or maybe it's because I don't add a base bow to my stacked bows.....I DON'T KNOW! If you have time, stop by and help a sister out! Thanks!
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