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Default Re: All the bottle caps I made yesterday are RUINED!!!!

Originally Posted by Diane Crafts View Post
Yup I know how that goes . I was too. Mine all looked good when I left them then the next morning I was But I won't let them get the best of me. With the ones I did with Dura Glaze that seemed to seep under the image I could peel it off, clean up the cap and I can reuse it. I haven't tried to take off the Diamond Glaze ones yet. I used Diamond Glaze on my glass tile necklaces and I had some tiny bubbles on some of them that I could not move or pop. I did not worry too much about them because they were on the back and they were sooooo tiny. Also there were only a few on a couple of them. I just am not having much luck with this glaze stuff, but I really don't like the resin drops (sticker things) that much and I WANT to do these necklaces. By the time I get the hang of it these will be OUT and something else will be popular LOL

No kidding!
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