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Default Re: All the bottle caps I made yesterday are RUINED!!!!

I'm sorry about your bottle caps. I can't help you with the bubbles but just wanted to say I have ruined so many of those things. I haven't tried the ET Lite yet, but I've had some sitting here for months. I've tried a few other things though. I have either had them not seal good enough to the cap and the glaze has gotten under them and they lifted or they have run/bled when I sealed them or the sealer (Diamond Glaze or Dura Clear) just did not look good...bubbles or uneven looking. I would love to make bottle cap necklaces and I want to make my own bottle caps but they are driving me nuts. I hope you find a solution to what happened to yours. Next go around I am going to try the ET Lite. I just ordered the Micro Glaze in hopes it stops the bleeding/running issue and I can make some nice looking caps. Good luck with your next batch.

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