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Default Re: You gals are gonna love this one!

I completely agree about the ribbon...she should never have been promoting it as handmade. I also agree about people unfortunately has stopped me from being able to do local baby and craft shows and I really miss that.

Originally Posted by JNice123 View Post
Maybe Allie wants to share some of her biz secrets with us Growing to the point of needing employees sounds good to me
Hmmm....make the best product you can. Pitch stores - you're going to hear a lot of 'no's', but you can't grow if you don't ask. Watch your pricing (take into consideration what I posted above). Try and get people to spread the word about your products. It takes time...I've been doing this almost three years and started out with lower priced clips on ebay, craigslist, etc...before I started a website, raised my prices and went after stores. Do research on what clips/bows are selling for in good boutiques and stores in your area, so you have an idea for pricepoint.

Not too much help I guess, but you get the point
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