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Default Re: You gals are gonna love this one!

Good info about the prices being justified and I certainly did not take it as bashing Those are good points but this lady orders her ribbon from the same places we do and it is exactly the same.... I have tons of the glitter ribbon and if it's hand glittered, then I'll be a monkey's uncle....LOL! She is not a Mom type business, she just has a small purse/earrings type shop, I think. I haven't been in there lately, so she may have different stuff and I know her out of the retail business, so we run into each other off n on. I am laughing inside because she asked me where one of my girls got her cute clippie and I told her where I ordered the ribbon, so it was funny to hear that she was making them.

If you can sell the clips for $7 a pair, that's great but the going rate is $3-4.50 a pair here, so I just hope she can sell enough to make her money back. No big deal... just thought the amount was WAAAYYYY to high!
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