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Default Re: You gals are gonna love this one!

The entire 'handmade' ribbon thing is crazy, but I have to say...I sell my glitter clippies in stores for $7/pr. Is this crazy? Not really....

-I have other women helping with the clips, that I have to pay.
-I have to pay for packaging (once you get a certain number of stores, Vistaprint doesn't cut it any more)
-I have to pay for shipping materials (some is covered in shipping charges, but not all)
-I have to have a retail price and a wholesale price that are far enough apart for the stores to make money
-sales reps take 12.5-15% off of the wholesale order totals
-distributors take 30-50% off your wholesale pricing
-house insurance costs are higher if you're running a business out of your home (and if you don't declare your business-they don't have to cover you if anything happens)
-product liability insurance is expensive, especially when you sell to more than just your country.
-catalogues/order forms/info sheets etc...that go to stores are expensive.
-Customs and duty on all supplies that come in once you start having to order in larger quantities of stock increase costs too.
-I have to pay for testing on my products (CPSIA and also other testing, such as strength testing on pacifier clips).

Just a thought, next time you're looking at $5-$8 clips in stores. I'm not trying to bash at all...just inform. I always hear people complaining on here about prices in stores, but I work my butt off and there are a lot of expenses involved. So instead, maybe when you see the clips in stores that are made by another mom, you can think of all the work it took to get into that store, because it's really not easy.

Again...I'm not saying this with any sarcastic tone. I wanted a chance to be able to explain everything behind the prices.
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