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Default Re: quick question about trademarks....

Truthfully, I wouldn't risk it. I just did a quick search of trademarks and the have a variety of 'Jonas Brother' trademarks as well as 'JB' trademarks.

I completely agree with the above poster as well since I have trademarked and copyrighted items myself. Every now and again, companies do searches of their protected names and send out cease and desist letters. They have to do this in order to show they are protecting their name otherwise they can lose the trademark they paid for.

I've had to issue a cease and desist twice so far and luckily both people were very nice about it and changed their names right away. Funny thing is, my husband worked with the Dr. Seuss people and yes, they are extremely, extremely protective of their name and rights. They had so many problems and we quite hard to work with.
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