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Default Re: quick question about trademarks....

Listen to Ms. Raggie bow, she knows her stuff!!!

I agree with the above people! I personally don't think you would get in trouble if it isn't their logo and doesn't say Jonas Brothers (I mean it could stand for I love Jim Beam-LOL!). I saw someone on ebay who stated they got around it by stating they were selling only the bow and the bottlecap was a gift??!! I don't know if it would hold up but I don't really think they would come after you unless you were selling a bunch of stuff. I would sell these off and don't list anymore.

I understand the companies, but again, I think it stinks when you are buying their bottlecaps, their ribbons, their fabric which they make money off of but you can't use it to sell your items. I mean, if I make dresses and I bought JB fabric and made a dress I can get in trouble unless its a gift. That, I think stinks!
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