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Default Re: quick question about trademarks....

Originally Posted by thespotteddot View Post
Well, actually the bottle cap says I love JB (jonas brothers) so I'm pretty sure the bottlecap is okay because I"m not using their name, but when I listed it on etsy I wanted to put something about the Jonas Brothers in the title so when people did a search it would come up, but maybe I'll just put "I love JB" in the title to be safe. Would you guys even list this? It's seriously just a pink and black bow with a bottle cap that says I love JB. I bought it before I learned about all this copyright infringement stuff, but I still wanna use it and I don't know anyone who likes jonas brothers? You think this is safe to list or should I forget it?
It really depends if you want to take a risk. I've seen plenty of stuff on etsy that even says "Jonas Brothers", not just "JB". Do a search on etsy for "Jonas Brothers" and you'll be amaized. Reality is there is a very slim chance somebody would want to sue you (unless you are very rich), it makes no sence for them to waist their time and money to collect a few dollars from you. I wonder if selling it on e-bay would be any different?
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