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Default Re: Having trouble with my tails

Originally Posted by Charlismommy View Post
I'll try to post a pic. I'm ironing them a few times of course covering the ribbon and ironing on the fabric. I'm finding if I leave them alone and let the cool before I mover them it makes a difference LOL I'm using the shimmer ribbon from RABOM as my background (1.5 inch ) and doing the 7/8 forest green w/ white paw prints layered on top. I know cheer bows typically use a wider width however this is what the coach wanted. The tails are a bit longer though. What type of bond do you use for cheer bows as I'm thinking it might be a combo of ribbon and type of heat bond... Thanks for responding
In reading you most recent post, perhaps you may be ironing them too much? I know that over ironing heat n bond will tend to make the ribbon very stiff. Maybe that combined with the startch is causing a problem.

When layering, I normally use E6000 (glue) to put the layers together. That seems to work and the bows aren't as stiff is when I use heat n bond. However, I do not know how that will work with the shimmer ribbon. HTH!
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