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Default Re: cutting foe for adults

Originally Posted by 3aminspirations View Post
I use my lighter to it along the ends slowly and then squeeze them together (yes, it's hot!)...then use your lighter again and really melt the ends, using caution not to set it on fire. Once you have a nice melted line, you can squeeze it again (very, very hot) or use the butt-end of your lighter to smoosh it. Hope that helps! I've jsut started making these and haven't had any of them come apart yet. My daughter's been "wearing" them for a couple of days and we haven't had any problems with separation.
I am going to be working with foe today and will try it again. I really want to heat seal instead of sewing. I hate dragging my machine out for these. Yeah, that's about all the use it gets these days. LOL!
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