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Default Re: Photography Learning Thread (CALLING ANY ONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN)

Originally Posted by LilHiccups View Post
On my XSi.....inside my iso is between 800 and 1600 and outside it varies depending on the situation. My fstop is usually 13 depending on how much I want in focus. I also use the exposure recommended in the screen...but I also play with it wtill I get it just right.

I'm a beginner too!

Thank u! I don't know about ur camera but on mine u can go to menu and find a thing called parameters. They have parameter 1,2,set 1,set2, and black and white. I think it sets the color tones and saturations. Is that just a personal preference or is that something that someone can tell u what to set it on. I really hope i am making sense. I bought my camera second hand and thought it would be "smart" to clear all the settings and start fresh. BIG MISTAKE!!lol Now i am trying to get the camera to do what i know it can do.
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