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Default Re: Scrabble tiles, glass necklaces, Question

Originally Posted by Jazzie Styles View Post
i get glossy accents at Hobby Lobby.

to glue the image on I use tacky glue or mod podge
I use modge podge over the image after glueing the image on the tile, and i let them dry all night before putting the glossy accents on. and let that dry all night before fooling with them anymore

I've used the scrap booking paper that has the adhesive on the back, but i also put glue on the tile before sticking the image to it, because I did a few and was able to peel the image right off a few days later, so I wondered if those that use the sticker machine if the image was able to peel off as well?
Please tell me where you found the glossy accents. I searched high and low at HL tonight and NO one could (read would) help me find it. Ugh.
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