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Default Re: How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--2--Creasing & Attaching Clip

Originally Posted by valchoo View Post
i know why now. your basic shell grey and antique white uses the same pic as the boutique(wrong pic posted i guess). cos i looked down further at the other colours and saw how different the basic looked.

are there instructions on how to do basic bow on this forum? it's a different look altogether.

your bows are v nicely done. it's so neat and perfect. i can't wait to start doing bows. waiting for some supplies i ordered.

Here is the instruction. Folding method a) is for basic bows and b) is for boutique bows.

How To Make Boutique Hair Bow--1.5--Folding Hairbow : Hip Girl Boutique!, Hair Bows, Baby Hair Clips, Rockabilly Hair Accessories and more.

Or you might want to refer to this double layer boutique folding instruction:

How To Make 2-Layer Boutique Hairbow/Hair Bow Instruction-Part 1

And to make the boutique bow 'stand up', please see this thread:

Michelle and others--help me with the boutique fold

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