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Default Re: 2" flowers from Halo Heaven

Originally Posted by HollysBows View Post
Do this with just one flower or 2?
I do it with one and 2. I like the look of using 2, it just looks much fuller and better. BUt they are also cute with just one, just kinda see thru.
Remember to stagger them, like someone said!

After taking off the stem, I take off the 2 back petals, then cut the remainder of the stem off of the center tiny petal, then usually take the side of my hot glue gun, turn the rhinestone petal over, now on its backside, and put the edge of the glue gun on it, to help melt the glue and slowly start pulling off the last petal. BE careful! you can really fray the petals by doing this! I had to throw a few away. I burn myself doing this every time too! OUCH!
Then I put the largest layer down, put a small amout of hot glue down, put the middle layer down, then the same for the tiny top layer petal. Then glue in a rhinestonel

Same concept when adding more flowers, just more steps! My fav is to add the even cheaper daisys that do not have the rhinestone and I glue those to the back side of the rhinestone flowers. They are not as see thru and are a tiny bit longer petals, so it just gives them a boost!

Very easy! Just don't burn yourself like I do every time! Ugh!
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