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Default Re: templates vs hand folding

Originally Posted by AngelinasMommy View Post
Does NBNG show you what sizes each bow should be? Is that what it means by template? Or what? I'm confused at what they are showing me here? Reluctant to buy them as I spent 25 bucks on instructions last July only to now NOT be happy with them and basically use only free instructions and trial and error. LMK, pleaes
The book has a chart that shows finished bow size, template size to use, ribbon length and what size ribbon that bow looks best with. The templates are actual templates and are very sturdy: You won't regret investing in the templates. For the twisted bow the templates only help you with even loops, but she has great instructions in the book on how to actually twist your bow. It took me a few tries to actually get the twisted to look like I wanted it, but now I'm very satisfied with how they look. Hope this helps.
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