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Default Re: 2" flowers from Halo Heaven

Originally Posted by BriellasMommy View Post
My mom and I have bought several of the these flowers. They are so cute and good quality. The material is different than HH's normal daisies, its more of a see-threw. But still so cute. And people love them.
Briellasmommy is my beautiful daughter! I am the one who does most of the ordering and most of the flower clip making, she does our bows.
I have to add, these are made in CHINA! I have had some that I didn't like, due to the fraying. What I usually do, is trim any fraying, by rounding the edges.
YES< they are more see thru, so I usually add more petals from either the "OTHER" 2" daisys WITHOUT the rhinestone centers OR just 2 of the rhinestone 2" daisys to make them fuller! The quality isn't as nice and thick like the 4" daisy flowers though.

I like the 2" NON rhinestones too, but always add more petals from the 2"crystal daisys from HH. The 2" NON rhinestones ONLY have 2 petals.

JUST a FYI, I will soon be doing a GB for the 2" crystal daisys, in zebra print! NOT sure about the price yet or when, sorry!

Originally Posted by justagirl1980 View Post
About how much is thier shipping?
OK, their shipping is a min of 8.00 so make sure you get your moneys worth! LOL Some people will do a GB IF they are only wanting to order a few things from HH.

They will ship priority and get to you with in about 4 to 5 days, IF your order is smaller, but if it is a large order, it takes about 7 days or so, because they will ship it ground UPS. They will tell you if you email them.

HOpe this helps! I sound like I work for them, hey HH, where is my cut! LOL
Funny, I want to be their biggest competition! I don't sound like it do I?
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