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Default Re: Interchangeable Headband Question/Issue

Originally Posted by Pabloswhim View Post
I use a lighter the living front of the tv trying not to burn the leather couch!! lol --are canadians all that predictable?? (and my coffee table is toast and I just bought it last month!)haha!
I'm in Hamilton, Ontario : )
Love the idea of sewing it to the front..haven't tried that yet but with 5/8 foe don't know if there'll be enough room for fully lined clips....hmmmm...have to experiment!
I used to use a lighter infront of the tv, but invested in a small table from costco so that it came right over the couch and I could use the woodburner. Love the table because it folds up flat and behind the door it goes. I am in Ontario too.... good old Kingston...
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