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Default Photoshop Elements 8 Help...PLEASE

I'm trying to edit pictures. I got PE8 for Christmas and this is the first time trying it.

Can anyone give me a basic step by step on how to cut out my picture and put it on a white background? I thought I had it figured out but it saved it as a PE project and when I changed it to jpg it made the picture really small. I'm fairly computer literate, but I'm totally lost with this program.

I've searched Youtube but there's nothing on there for this kind of editing...lots of PE8, just not this. I've tried to figure it out on my own but to no avail...

I've also tried Picnik...I can't see anyway to cut out images on there. Fotoflexer worked great the first time I tried using the "geek" tab but now it's not working for me...the cursor and the spot I'm clicking on are not synced and it's highlighting stuff way to the right.

If someone can help me I would appreciate it SO SO much!!
Bobbi W. in Canada
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